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Blue Chip Lubricants Launches New Biodegradable Product Range

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Blue Chip Lubricants Launches New Biodegradable Product Range

Blue Chip Lubricants Launches New Biodegradable Product Range

A new Biodegradable ECO Lubricant Range, helping you be the change you want to see, and doing your part for our environment!

As an independent marketer and distributor of high quality lubricants and greases since 1983, Blue Chip Lubricants has proven to be a market leader, by going the extra “green mile” in the Lubricants Industry. Now customers have the real choice in lubricants and can choose to make a positive contribution to their environment by using the NEW PURE BIODEGRADABLE LUBRICANTS range of oils and greases.

A biodegradable material is one that will break down and decompose into elements found in nature when it is exposed to air, moisture and bacteria or other organisms. The term “biodegradable lubricants” basically refers to all types of lubricants which are biodegradable and non-toxic for both humans and the environment. As a bio-lubricant it can be available in two forms: as vegetable oil-based or as synthetic esters manufactured from mineral oil-based products. Unlike other products currently in the South African market, the Blue Chip PURE Range is made from renewable resources. This makes the product price competitive in comparison to full synthetic biodegradable based products currently in the industry.

This PURE Lubricant range will provide significant protection to equipment and the environment, making it an appropriate product of choice in a competitive industry where environmental compliance is becoming a major factor for any operation or business entity locally and internationally. This product range has the exact same performance specifications as normal quality lubricants, but with the added benefit that it is fully biodegradable, thus in case of any spillage it will decompose into elements found in nature within a 2 month period. What differentiates this product is that it is made from a renewable resource and is ideal for situations where lower environmental impact is vital, such as agriculture; mining; marine; forestry; public works and industrial sectors. Its technology ensures the prevention of pollution without compromising on performance.

It is estimated that about 50% of all used oil ends up in the environment. Petroleum based lubricants are the leading type of base oil in this industry and are poorly degradable, which represents an environmental hazard when released. In addition, the rapid increase in the price of petroleum product in the recent years, as well as the increased dependence on offshore sources and the declining rate of production from older domestic oil fields, all provide a strong incentive towards new reserves in providing lubricants that are environmentally friendly; available and price competitive. Managing Director of Blue Chip Lubricants, Gary Marais, said it was important for Blue Chip Lubricants to find a solution to an industry growing problem. “Our company’s mission is to be the leading local independent manufacturer of oils and greases in South Africa, and with that comes the responsibility of providing our customers with not only value added services, but also quality approved products that contribute to the environmental care and drive of the rest of the world.”

Blue Chip Lubricants has its own manufacturing facility based in Johannesburg, and can supply nationally at competitive prices with a good turnaround time on delivery and excellent service. They also have their own bottling; labeling; research and testing facility at this plant, which enables them to provide their customers with the best products and services.

Blue Chip Lubricants also reconfirmed their position as market leaders in the industry by having various franchises that operate nationally. They have a dynamic technical team of specialists which can provide you with technical support; excellent service and reliable back up when required. As a manufacturer of lubricants they have direct control over stock volumes and can provide product, as and when required. They do realize the cost involved in any breakdown situation, and that time is of the essence in this competitive industry, and endeavour to move mountains to ensure that you receive your product and service support to the best of their ability.

From an environmental perspective, the use of biodegradable lubricants significantly reduce the carbon footprint compared to other non-biodegradable mineral based sources of crude oil or coal. It is in fact a matter of great concern that millions of tonnes of hydraulic; machinery and industrial oils are discharged every year into the ground, thus leading to groundwater contamination and ending up in our rivers and seas. This can ultimately inhibit the growth of plant life and prove extremely toxic to aquatic life. The PURE Range of biodegradable lubricants pose to be a reliable alternative to answering these increasing concerns in respect to the environment and for sustainable development.

There are many benefits to using the biodegradable range, here just to list a few:

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Made from renewable resources
  • Low toxicity;
  • Low evaporation losses;
  • Good lubricating properties;
  • High viscosity index;
  • High ignition temperature;
  • Increased equipment service life and possible longer intervals between changes;
  • Help prevent corrosion;

The PURE Lubricants Range currently consists of a biodegradable hydraulic fluid; industrial gear oil; agricultural oil; chainsaw oil, grease; degreaser and a multipurpose penetrating spray. Blue Chip Lubricants will continue to develop and grow this product range in future. These products are available nationally.

Consider the fact that, 1lt of used oil can contaminate one million liters of water, it is true to state that biodegradable lubricants are imperative to the sustainability of our environment and holds the key to a successful business model and future for mankind. If everybody chooses in their own environment to help protect our world…. then we all can make a “world of difference”!

Make the ECO choice now and CHOOSE Blue Chip Lubricants NEW PURE Range Lubricants, it’s “Natures Preferred Choice in Lubricants”!

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