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It’s Best to Back a Winning Horse – Buy a Mugg & Bean Franchise

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It’s Best to Back a Winning Horse – Buy a Mugg & Bean Franchise

It’s Best to Back a Winning Horse – Buy a Mugg & Bean Franchise

Riaan Pienaar
Mugg & Bean franchise owner Nelspruit Crossing

Why I chose franchising
I saw it as an opportunity to own my own business, having spent 22 years in a corporate environment. In addition, Mugg & Bean was an exceptionally attractive business opportunity

What I did before buying my Mugg & Bean franchise
I headed the Corporate Social Investment and Public Relations Directorate of a large South African Sugar company.

How I raised the finance to buy my Mugg & Bean franchise
+-80% was raised from funds provided by my partner and myself and the balance through a Bank loan.

The training and support I receive from Mugg & Bean
This is an all engrossing business. Without proper training, guidance and coaching your chances at being successful are very slim. Our franchisor is an invaluable partner in the success of our business. I think it surpasses mere theoretical training and support but has a lot to do with their support, passion, enthusiasm and drive.

The challenges I have faced
1. Doing the right things better than my competitors every day.
2. Keeping my staff on their toes through a delicate balance of constant support to perform well and the threat of “death” or worse if they drop their standards.
3. Making sure that you have to make time to have fun!!! (It keeps you sane)

My advice to someone thinking of buying their first franchise
If it is as part of a restaurant franchise:

    • 1. Make sure you back a winning horse!! An “affordable” franchise is not a guarantee for success.


    • 2. As the owner, you have to be involved on a day-to-day basis with the Operational side of the business – this is critical!!


    • 3. You must be passionate, totally focussed and have a rabid bull-like approach to succeed.


    4. Make sure you buy comfortable shoes and be prepared to spend long hours on your two feet.


My plans for the future
Short term- Buckle down and survive the current lull.
Longer term – Make some money. See the Golden Lions win a Super 14 rugby match.

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