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Benefits of being a Franchise Association of South Africa member

The Franchise Association of Southern Africa FASA logoFranchising is without doubt a world-wide phenomenon and the best business format of our times. Its success relies on the two-way symbiotic relationship between franchisor and franchisee that results in a win-win outcome for both. Whilst the franchisor is the party that has the brilliant idea, develops it and duplicates it, it’s the franchisees that are the working cogs of the wheel that makes the franchise brand and business so successful.

The most important benefit for franchise companies who join The Franchise Association of South Africa (FASA) is that of being able to align themselves and their brands to an internationally recognised body that adheres not only to international best practices but to the sound business ethics established through the various legislative channels including the soon to be enacted Consumer Protection Bill. Members can also network with other franchise owners in diverse sectors and have access to affiliate members such as suppliers, consultants, financial institutions and attorneys.
vera-valasis-fasaVera Valasis, in her role as executive director of FASA, regularly travels overseas to take part in the World Franchise Council, an international body that represents franchise associations throughout the world. “The business sector underestimates the important role that franchising plays in the world’s economy where it consistently outperforms the non-franchised business sector and plays a crucial role in small business development, skills transfer and job creation. As we climb out of the recession, franchising will continue to play an important role in the economic recovery through its tried and tested business format and FASA, through its commitment to promote franchising in line with government’s mandate to encourage small business development, will continue to safeguard the environment for franchising to flourish.”


As a result of protracted negotiations with government, the Consumer Protection Act which will be signed into law on 1st April 2011 reflects most of the principles contained in FASA’s Code of Ethics and will, when it comes into force later this year, apply to all franchisors. Franchisors that are not members of FASA would be well advised to consider becoming members and use the benefits and support of the association to get their houses in order to ensure their survival within the parameters of the Act.


Although primarily a franchisor and affiliate member association, FASA has recently extended its membership to include a Franchisee 800 Club which welcomes the over 28 000 franchisees representing their franchise brands – whether their franchisors are members of FASA or not. Extending the benefits of belonging to the FASA franchise family to all those involved in this dynamic business format results in a strengthening of the ties that bind those in the industry and allows all to benefit from the continual growth of this phenomenal business format.


Those benefits include the prestige of being associated with an internationally recognized franchise association, participating in the many networking events that FASA holds throughout the year, being informed of the many legislative changes that may affect franchising and benefiting from legal, industrial and labour advice. In addition, FASA has a basket of exclusive discount benefits – from signage to hotel accommodation and general business deals – that will benefit both franchisor and franchisee.


Perhaps the greatest benefit of FASA membership is the confidence that thirty years of ethical business practice has given to those who align themselves to the Franchise Association of Southern Africa. The buying public, whether simply as consumers or potential franchisees can have confidence that those franchisors who belong to FASA have voluntarily committed to ethical business practices.


For more information on FASA membership visit or contact Shereen Davids at FASA on 011 615 0359.