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Franchise Consultants

Eric Parker – Franchising Plus

Eric Parker

Eric has garnered a wealth of franchising experience as a former Marketing Director of Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) and co-founder of Nando’s. His involvement in the franchising sector included extensive involvement with FASA as a past Chairman of the organisation. He was appointed as the Director of the Deloitte & Touche Franchising Division in 1998. Eric has also authored books on entrepreneurship. As a partner in Franchising Plus, Eric is mainly responsible for the crafting of strategic plans for franchise organisations and facilitation of strategic planning. He is a sought-after public speaker and has appeared as guest speaker at many franchising events

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Anita du Toit – Franchising Plus

Anita Du Toit

Anita du Toit has been in franchising since 1998 and has gained experience consulting to diverse clients in the telecommunications, automotive and retail industries in the South African franchise sector. She also gained finance experience working as a Franchise Specialist at FNB Commercial. Anita obtained a Masters Degree in Marketing with distinction from the University of Pretoria in 2000. She authored papers published in academic journals, including the Journal of Marketing Channels and Franchising Law and Policy Review. Currently, Anita is a senior consultant and partner at Franchising Plus. Anita’s key strengths include conceptualisation of strategy, project management and research.

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Sasha-Lee de Bod – Franchising Plus

Sasha-Lee de Bod - Franchising Plus

Sasha-Lee completed her Bachelor of Commerce Honours Degree in Marketing and Entrepreneurship with distinction at North-West University in 2014. She has also completed an undergraduate Bachelor of Commerce Degree in Entrepreneurship and Business Management with distinction at North-West University in addition to a NQF Level 5 Project Management qualification. She has completed a course on managing franchisee performance as a field service consultant. Sasha-Lee has been employed by Franchising Plus since March 2015 as a Franchise Consultant and has worked on commercial and social franchise projects with specialists in the industry. She has also been exposed to a supplier development mentorship programme for small businesses facilitated by Franchising Plus.

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Legal Consultants for Franchising

Maria D’Amico – D’Amico Incorporated Attorneys

Maria Damico - Franchise Lawyer

Maria is a director of D’Amico Incorporated Attorneys. She completed her BA (LLB) at Wits in 1987 and qualified as a Solicitor (United Kingdom) in 2000. Shortly after completing her 2 years articles, she went into practice for her own account in December 1990, then six months later went into a partnership which was dissolved in August 1995, when she assumed control of the company which was renamed D’Amico Incorporated. Maria specialises in Commercial Law (agreements), Franchising Law and High Court Litigation.

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General Franchise Experts

Annie Baptiste – Franchising Plus

Annie Baptiste

Annie has been working in the franchising sector since 1999. During her tenure at Deloitte she started training franchisor staff as well as franchisees on business skills. Annie joined Franchising Plus as the training manager and has developed the training material for the Franchising Plus training courses and negotiated an alliance with the Institute of Marketing Management, who accredits these courses. Annie also developed a whole training and development programme for retail personnel which currently forms a large part of the Franchising Plus training offering.

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