Are you hungry? Go hang out at Bongani Castro’s PRIMI in Melrose Arch

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Melrose Arch is having a fuel injection of Primi loving from our new franchisee friend, Bongani Castro. He has launched himself into the challenge of bringing the zing back to Melrose Arch and he’s firing on all pistons to UP the urban energy and create a true home away from home. ‘I want our customers to think Primi Piatti Melrose Arch whenever they are hungry and need place where the can hangout – because we are a warm welcoming restaurant with the best food in town. Need I say more, Primi is the place to be!’ says Bongani of his vision for the store.

Bongani was close to acquiring a butchery when the opportunity of running the franchise at Primi arose, and lucky for us he embraced it with both hands. It was Primi’s distinctive vibe and enthusiasm that Bongani says was the big attraction ‘I think my Loxion culture will blend very well with the Primi style, especially for the area it.’

His motto to live life by is simple; do not start something you are not going to finish and in the end it must be done correctly. We don’t think Bongani and the team at Melrose Arch will settle for anything less than perfect, and we’re excited to see what the new store has to offer. On his management philosophy he says ‘preparation is a key to all doors – when an opportunity presents itself one will only be able to seize it when one is prepared… Others call it luck.’

Lately he’s been listening to Bob Marley’s Sun is shining, and we’re certain that those rays of sunshine will beat down hard on Primi Melrose Arch and bring all the warmth it needs. Bongani has more than enough love for people and food to make Melrose Arch ooze the Primi’ness that makes us, well, Primi. But don’t take our word for it; go check it out for yourself.