Franchisee Self-Test
Franchise Self-Test

Franchising isn’t for everybody as it involves a particular mind-set and attitude, and with so many different franchise companies on the market how do you choose the right franchise to invest into?

Our diagnostic tool, the Franchise Self-Test, has been designed to help you identify a starting point from which to commence your own research.

The following 10 questions will help identify whether franchising is the right way into self-employment for you and will find the best type of franchise match for you

Welcome to the whichfranchise Franchisee Self-Test

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Can I cope with the isolation of self-employment?
Can I exercise self-discipline?
Can I work long hours under pressure?
Can I think about what effects of working for myself will have on my future?
Can I handle being unsure at times?
Can I accept advice?
Am I able to generate enough money to meet payments to run a business and pay off debt commitments?
Can I rely on the support of my spouse/partner?
Can I demonstrate the willingness to understand and deal with a business situation in a manner that is likely to lead to a good outcome?
Am I motivated to make a profit?

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