About Franchising Plus

Franchising PlusFranchising Plus is a business consultancy that has, since 1994 specialised in assisting existing businesses and prospective franchise companies in expanding their operations by means of franchising, licensing and other business distribution mechanisms as well as providing business development support to new and aspiring entrepreneurs.

Remaining at the forefront of innovation, Franchising Plus is continuously developing new products for the sector and actively researching trends in franchising. Franchising Plus has over 40 years’ combined experience in the franchising sector and experience in the launching of franchised brands, and clients gain credibility with financial institutions and potential franchisees. Franchising Plus is committed to follow through and will assist with implementation of projects. Franchising Plus has a high visibility in the franchising sector through our publications and FASA board membership.

We bring extensive experience to an organization, relative to both the traditional as well as the emerging markets in Southern & Central Africa.

Our services include:

  • Franchise Feasibility Studies
  • Business Evaluation and Strategic Planning
  • Pilot Operation and Set-up
  • Developing the Elements of the Franchise Package
  • Management and Financial Controls
  • Operations and Procedures Manuals
  • Legal Agreements and Disclosure Documents
  • Implementation
  • Franchise and Business Management Training
  • Introduction of Master Franchise Opportunities

We assist our clients in the development of franchising concepts and the implementation of all the phases of the franchising process. Our services include researching and creating Franchise Business Format Systems for our clients, which encompasses the development of operations, training, marketing, human resource and procedure manuals. Franchising Plus conducts training workshops and seminars on the various aspects of successful franchising and overcoming challenges that franchising may present. Our training programmes also include advanced franchise training, basic business skills training and a programme targeting potential franchisees.

While retaining our own identity, Franchising Plus has relationships with and links to various other franchise service providers. This ensures that our clients have access to a range of products and services – a one stop shop for businesses looking at expanding – including market research, geographic site selection, franchisee and staff selection, franchisor/franchisee training and of course business expansion consulting amongst others.

Our strength lies in our practical experience and in our sound business and ethical principles.

To find out more visit www.franchisingplus.co.za