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A New Look for Juicy Lucy Franchise

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A New Look for Juicy Lucy Franchise

A New Look for Juicy Lucy Franchise

A new look for Juicy Lucy

Juicy Lucy has a new logo, in-store design and menus that are being rolled out across South Africa after its initial successful launches in November 2009 at the new Galleria Mall along the KwaZulu-Natal South Coast and Groblersdal.

“Consumers are becoming more conscious of their choices, more educated and discerning and want healthier and more environmentally friendly lifestyles. The new-look Juicy Lucy’s are a natural response to that,” said Craig MacKenzie, director of management company Java Brands, which owns the Juicy Lucy franchise.

He said the makeover was engineered by a new brand team, which includes Promise Brand Specialists as its brand custodians and advertising agency and Liani Luyt of Limestone Design Studio.

New green style

When it came to revamping the stores, Luyt began by making them more user-friendly, open and inviting. The service counter was moved to the front, making it more approachable and easier for takeaway customers. A more welcoming environment was created using comfortable furnishings such as bench seating.

She was briefed to combine garden fresh salads, veggies and wholesome meals with a down-to-earth look and feel in-store. That meant earthy tones and textures, natural materials and fresh colours, including what will soon become Juicy Lucy’s signature green. The group opted for non-toxic and hygienic finishes such as stainless steel that could be cleaned without using strong chemicals. Gas, rather than electricity, will be used for cooking.

According to Luyt, most of the materials used can be recycled – including the polypropylene seats chairs. Stainless steel is 100% recyclable. The same goes for the clay and glass tiles used. Bamboo tabletops are eco-friendly and, together with cork wall and floor coverings, are harvested from sustainable resources. The special green stain, which has been created especially for the brand, uses completely natural dyes that will not harm the environment.

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