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A franchise is an Excellent Option for Over 50s

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A franchise is an Excellent Option for Over 50s

A franchise is an Excellent Option for Over 50s

People find it increasingly more difficult to retain their jobs past normal retirement age, usually assumed to be between the ages of 60-65. And if a person who is past 45 years of age becomes unemployed, he or she will battle to secure new employment. Employers tend to favour the young. This attitude and the fact that average life expectancy is increasing combine to create the makings of a looming crisis.

This is not a specifically South African problem but a world-wide one. In the UK and in the USA, a growing number of mature people resign their jobs before they are pushed and invest their payouts in a franchise. Feedback from these countries suggests that the life experience and maturity these franchisees bring into their businesses impact positively on performance.

Seen from the older person’s viewpoint, owning a business that operates under a reputable brand means financial security for the time when they are ready to retire. Best of all, after they have built the business up, they can gradually delegate more and more of the responsibilities of day-to-day operations while still retaining overall managerial control.

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