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5 Spring Marketing Ideas

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5 Spring Marketing Ideas

5 Spring Marketing Ideas

To farmers and gardeners, spring is the season of renewal. Suddenly, everywhere is green. In the context of South African franchising, it’s the time to refresh and energise staid marketing ideas.

The ideas will be all your own, the energy will be electronic and social media. The number of worldwide social media users is expected to hit 2.77 billion in 2019 — it’s therefore particularly important to make sure you’re devoting time to creating exciting and engaging spring promotion posts for your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts. It’s time to liven up your feed and bring a light, vibrant spirit to your posts. Just as people ditch their darker winter colours for more vibrant attire when the sun brightens the mornings, thrust your business into spring with a refreshed digital get-up.

Clearly, your ideas will be constrained by your franchise agreement and marketing campaigns of the franchisor. But on a local basis, consider some of the following:

1. Get a handle on your data

Before you can try anything new, understand what’s happened in the past. Having a grasp on how your local marketing has previously and currently performed is essential to tweaking it for the future.  Keeping a database of past and existing customers is critical, if you have their consent you can communicate seasonal promotions to them.  If your business has a website – and in consumer franchising you certainly should – install Google Analytics on it to monitor how much traffic you’re driving to your site and where it’s coming from.

2. Give your social media a seasonal makeover

Consider adding some seasonal graphics or animations to your website header, with onsite pop-ups of bright colours and positive messaging. It may be enough in itself to drive visitors to purchase. Jazz up your online inventory of marketing content. If you’re advertising online, redesign your display ads with energetic spring themes – birds, green shoots, babies, anything which hints a positive change, renewal and new ways of doing things.

3. Launch new promotions

Your ace in the pack is special offers. People leap at a bargain, particularly when it’s for a limited time only, or contains the word ‘Free!’. Select a few appropriate products as part of a seasonal promotion, and come up with a formula for the deal – reduce them in price, or offer them together. Then get on your social media platforms and tell your community about it. Consider taking out an ad in your community newspaper. It’s a classic technique for temporary promotions, catching the attention of local people in a place they trust.

4. Have fun with social media

You’re not writing a thesis to go in a scientific journal – social platforms provide a casual setting within which to chat to your customers. Match people’s sunny positivity by making your social media marketing playful – take a few chances! Try to get customers engaged with trivial competitions. But make your page stand out from the drab crowd both to existing customers and their network of friends.

5. Blog themed content

If your business sells something inherently connected to the new season, like garden furniture or beachwear, in which you consequently have greater insight – then speak on what spring means to local customers. Turn any special insight you have into a powerful marketing asset. Write articles featuring your business, and have it published on your local news website (just get it edited by a third person). Known as ‘sponsored content’ it is one of the most powerful marketing tools, letting you demonstrate your thought leadership to local people with a professionally-written article they’ll find useful and informative.

You can even find a professional freelance journalist to write it for you.

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