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5 Skills That Make Women Successful In Franchising

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5 Skills That Make Women Successful In Franchising

5 Skills That Make Women Successful In Franchising

We live in a world where anyone can do anything, and gender roles are no longer traditional.  However, the Harvard Business Review published statistics that said 43% of women with children in the USA tend to leave employment on a voluntary basis to take care of children or change their lifestyles to enable this.  It is also widely reported that women still carry most of the load when it comes to child rearing and running a household, again prompting women to look at alternatives available to them.

The 2019 Franchise Association of South Africa (FASA) research results show that only 30% of franchises are owned by women.  Nevertheless, this statistic does not include women who work with their partners in franchises where the man is the official franchise principal.

Franchising offers women a way to opt back in to earning an income while having a flexible lifestyle.  Women also have a lot to offer franchises.

These skills and abilities include the following:

1. Attention to detail

Women have a higher tendency to pay attention to detail. They often manage the finances of a household and tend to consider the details of any situation.  In franchising, this relates to careful consideration of quality standards and considering the whole picture when dealing with customer complaints, as an example.

2. Listening skills

Women tend to be better listeners, in fact, most women complain that male colleagues interrupt them as they are used to women listening before making statements. Listening is an essential skill set to have when serving customers and managing a small team.

3. Collaborating

Women are collaborative by nature and are more likely to engage with the franchisor or other franchisees to find solutions to problems.

4. Multi-tasking

Any woman juggling work, a household and children has supreme multi-tasking skills that come in handy when managing a small business consisting of staff, financial management and customer service.

5. Organisational skills

Similar to multi-tasking but an essential competency in managing a franchise, women tend to have good organisational skills to organise resources, time and money for the best results possible.

Women who find themselves in a situation where they have left formal employment but want to opt back in to earning an income and having a career could consider franchising as an option.

Owning a franchise has the following advantages:

  • Being your own boss gives you the flexibility to tend to children’s activities without the additional stress of asking for permission from a boss
  • As a franchisee, you have to follow rules and guidelines, but most women appreciate a structured environment that frees up their energy to drive sales and maintain customer relationships
  • Reputable franchises offer much support and a peer group of other franchisees, giving the franchisee a supportive environment in which to launch a business
  • There are plenty of franchise categories suitable to women’s desired lifestyles, from health and beauty to educational, low cost or home-based franchises are also options to consider
  • While a franchise offers a way to earn a living and have a career, a franchised business is also a saleable asset offering a franchisee the potential to build wealth and financial independence

If you are ready to take the leap and enter the world of franchising, do your research to make the best decision for yourself.  Whichfranchise has various resources available to you, including the latest in franchising news, expert advice articles and a recent webinar with more detail on researching a franchise or business opportunity.

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